Prescription Sports Glasses for Lacrosse

Lacrosse eye glasses are a simple yet critical accessory that will help you protect your eyes against sticks, elbows, and other high-velocity objects. Because the game relies on the use of lengthy sticks, lacrosse players are especially prone to eye injury while playing. It only takes a single swipe in the wrong direction to cause a potentially serious eye injury. Ninety percent of lacrosse-related eye injuries can be prevented simply by wearing prescription sports glasses for lacrosse. Here at Optics Outfitter, we offer the highest-quality lacrosse eye glasses, hand-selected for absolute effectiveness on the field. Traditional contact lenses, prescription glasses, and sunglasses do little to protect against eye injuries—in fact, because they’re prone to shattering, the latter two increase the risk.

Optics Outfitter has made it our primary mission to reduce these preventable injuries. Our prescription sports glasses for lacrosse get us closer to this goal with every sale.