Sports & Play are

too tough

for everyday eyewear

Rec Specs are The 2nd pair every child needs

"Vision is precious. Just like a concussion or a broken bone, eye injuries can keep young athletes off the field.

Our youth are vulnerable to eye injuries, particularly when they wear everyday glasses while at play. Sport Protective eyewear is the second pair that most children need."

- Dr. Alan Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO

Dr. Alan Reichow, Professor Emeritus from Pacific University, began investigating the role of vision in human performance in sport 40 years ago. He continues to diagnose the Rx needs of amateur and elite athletes, working not only with Olympians and professional sports teams but also the underserved.

Prevent Blindness® recommends the use of appropriate sport protective eyewear.
Recommends the use of approved sport protective frame & lense. *For youth in particular