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Welcome to our blog! We're passionate about sports eyewear and helping athletes perform at their best. Our blog is the perfect place to find expert advice on buying sunglasses, understanding prescription information, and exploring the latest lens technologies. Join us as we dive deep into the world of performance eyewear and discover what makes Rec Specs stand out from the rest.

September ushers in the annual reminder from Prevent Blindness, a leading advocate for eye health, that our eyes require as much protection during sports as our limbs.    The recent data is alarming — over 32,000 cases reported last year, indicating a nearly 20% increase in sports-related eye injuries in the United States. The details further point to the highest rate of injuries caused by “non-powder guns, darts, arrows, and slingshots,” whereas children aged 0-14 primarily faced dangers in “pools and water sports.” These injuries encompass a range of issues including blunt trauma, penetrating injuries, and infections, extending to corneal...

Workplace safety is non-negotiable, and if you're not considering prescription eyewear, you're missing a massive piece of the puzzle. Ignoring the power of the right protective glasses doesn't just put your eyes at risk—it clearly spells the difference between peak productivity and a devastating, life-altering eye injury. This is your ultimate guide to prescription safety glasses, slicing through jargon to give you the hard facts on ANSI ratings, cutting-edge frame tech, and lens game-changers. What to Know Before You Buy What kind of workplace hazards are you exposed to? Chemicals, debris, particles, or perhaps intense light? Once you have a...

It’s National Eye Exam Month! At Rec Specs, while our expertise lies in providing high-quality frames for a wide range of prescriptions, we also acknowledge the profound significance of highlighting the crucial role that regular eye checkups play in maintaining optimal eye health. The Importance of Regular Eye Checkups Routine eye exams are not just for individuals with existing vision problems. These examinations are essential for everyone, regardless of age or visual acuity. Here's why: Detection of Silent IssuesMany eye conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, can develop silently without noticeable symptoms. Regular eye exams help detect these issues...

Welcome to the world of shooting - a realm of excitement and adventure that spans various thrilling disciplines. Whether it's hunting in the great outdoors, participating in clay shooting events, or engaging in intense indoor competitions, the challenges and needs in each shooting vertical are as diverse as the landscapes you'll encounter. Among the crucial pieces of gear that often go unnoticed but play a pivotal role in enhancing both safety and accuracy is eyewear. Understanding the specific needs of each shooting vertical and choosing the right eyewear is paramount for any enthusiast or professional looking to excel in their...

As the back-to-school season approaches, young athletes are gearing up for a thrilling sports season ahead. However, amidst the anticipation and preparation for their favorite sports, one critical aspect often gets overlooked - proper eye gear.  Several factors contribute to this neglect:  Lack of Awareness: Many young athletes and their parents may not fully comprehend the risks associated with sports-related eye injuries. The assumption that these injuries are rare can lead to a false sense of security, making them underestimate the need for protective eyewear. Prioritizing Performance Over Safety: In the quest for peak performance, some athletes may perceive protective...

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