Prescription Baseball Safety Glasses

Optics Outfitter offers high-quality prescription baseball safety glasses that dramatically reduce the risk of eye injury while out on the diamond. Young players are especially at risk for eye injury when wearing traditional glasses that can fracture into many sharp pieces upon impact. We offer youth prescription sports glasses for baseball that fully protect your child’s eyes while also upping the cool factor. All of our prescription baseball safety glasses are virtually unbreakable and safe in the event of an impact.

Baseballs move fast after being hit, which can make predicting where they’ll go difficult. When young children are learning the game, a line drive can lead to a high-speed impact directly to the face. Without proper youth prescription sports glasses for baseball, this can result in a potentially serious eye injury. Here at Optics Outfitter, we’re dedicated to reducing such occurrences—one pair of Rec Specs at a time.