Prescription Sports Glasses for Basketball

Basketball is an intense, fast-paced sport. Step up your game with Optics Outfitter’s prescription sports glasses for basketball. Wearing traditional prescription glasses won’t help you when a basketball goes clean through your arms and hits you in the face—in fact, it’s likely to cause more harm than good. You want a pair of prescription sports glasses for basketball that won’t shatter upon impact, covering your already-bruised face with shards of glass and adding a potentially serious injury to an already embarrassing gaffe on the court.

Basketball is one of the most eye injury-prone sports out there, especially for teenagers. Optics Outfitter provides high-quality kids’ basketball glasses that protect the eyes from injury while also looking great. Our lenses have anti-fog properties that effectively resist perspiration, something that’s inevitable on the hardwood. Basketball players are often in very close range of each other, which makes pokes and jabs from fingers and elbows quite common. Our kids’ basketball glasses effectively reduce the risk of injury while remaining quite stylish.