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5 Tips for Preventing Basketball Injuries in Kids

5 Tips for Preventing Basketball Injuries in Kids

All sports come with the risk of injury, but there are several ways to avoid some of the most common ones. Particularly in basketball, there are things like sprained ankles, knee twists, and injuries from flying elbows. Let’s look at some of the best ways to protect kids on the court.

Remind Kids To Warm Up and Stretch

Appropriately and adequately warming up and stretching the muscles can prevent injury. The act of warming up sends the signal to the body that it’s time to perform and increases circulation to the nerves so that they can respond quickly and efficiently. With basketball being a high-intensity sport with many quick movements, warming up and stretching is critical.

Teach Kids That Hydration Is Key

One of the best tips for preventing basketball injuries in kids is ensuring their hydration levels match their needs. A good rule of thumb is dividing body weight in half to figure out how many ounces someone needs in a day. When a young athlete drinks enough fluids, their muscles receive enough support to avoid cramping, maintain endurance, and decrease the chances of dehydration.

Emphasize the Importance of Nutrition

It isn’t easy to manage everything a child eats, given they spend most of their day outside of the home at school and in extracurricular activities. Instilling good nutritional habits at home can encourage them to make better choices elsewhere. Keeping sugar intake down and increasing proteins and healthy fats can support muscle growth and recovery.

Ensure Kids Get Adequate Rest

Getting the proper amount of rest is essential to anyone, and when you’re a young athlete, it’s even more critical. It’s a long day for a child when they must go from the classroom to the basketball court. So ensuring they get enough rest can help overall performance. When an athlete has adequate rest for their activity levels, their risk of injury decreases.

Provide Kids With the Proper Gear

Wearing proper gear is a vital tip for preventing basketball injuries in kids. The activity levels maintained during a game or practice put lots of stress on the body and particular muscle and joint areas. Some of the items kids should have include:

  • Basketball shoes with non-slip, non-skid soles
  • Ankle braces
  • Knee support
  • Protective eyewear

If your child wears glasses in school and needs youth prescription sports glasses for basketball, contact Optics Outfitters today. We can help you find the best option. An injury to the eye area impairs vision and the ability to play.

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