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Sport/Activity: Water Sports

Find out why functionality trumps fashion in sports eyewear.

Summer brings a medley of high-demand sports that ignite our passion and awaken our spirits. From the swift agility of beach volleyball to the adrenaline-pumping water skiing, and the strategic maneuvers of soccer to the high-flying action of basketball, there is something for everyone under the summer sun. However, amidst the thrill and excitement, it is crucial to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to protecting one of our most precious senses – our vision. The sun's harsh UV rays, sand particles carried by the wind, water splashes, and flying debris all have the potential to compromise your vision and...

Water polo is a full-contact, physically demanding sport that requires no special equipment—a pool, ball, water polo suits, caps, and goals are just about it.  The rules of the game take skill and can be complex, but eye protection is the most important addition to any water polo player’s gear. The United States’ governing body for water polo sets standards that dictate exactly what kind of goggles you permitted to wear and based on their playing rules and regulations (USAWP Playing Rule - WP 5.4), articles (ie. face masks and goggles) should be flexible enough and must have no sharp...

When summer weather hits, most of us can’t wait to get out on the water and enjoy outdoor water sports. Surfboards, jet skis, boat paddles — it’s all a ton of fun. However, they can also be dangerous if you don't take the proper precautions. Protecting your eyes while engaging in water sports is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety and protect yourself from injury. Glasses that aren't designed specifically for this type of sport can quickly become foggy in the water, making it hard to see the direction you're moving or any...

Being a competitor comes with the unique challenge of trying not to get hurt. Here are some of the common eye injuries in athletes and how to prevent them.