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Sport/Activity: Lacrosse

Find out why functionality trumps fashion in sports eyewear.

Girls have come a long way in the world of sports, breaking barriers and changing the game in their own unique ways. Whether it's on the court, field, or track, girls are proving that they can compete with the best–especially if they have access to the right gear.  Rec Specs sports eyewear aren't just a mere eye protection accessory, they're the secret weapon that revolutionizes the game for bold girls in sports. From improving vision and performance to increasing safety, sports glasses give girls of any age the power to elevate their overall active experience. TOP SPORTS FOR GIRLS Basketball:...

As women’s and girls’ lacrosse continue to grow, so does the need to address the role of appropriate corrective eyewear. If you wear corrective lenses/prescription glasses, there are new options available for you. U.S. Lacrosse (USAL) has updated their game rules in January 2020, requiring women and girls to wear an SEI (Safety Equipment Institute)-certified protective eyewear that meets the current ASTM standard, F3077-17. This rule change was designed to minimize or significantly reduce rare but catastrophic eye injuries due to the impact and penetration of lacrosse balls. An SEI certification ensures that every eyewear meets specific performance requirements such...

We know too well that Lacrosse is a fast-paced, exhilarating sport packed with intense action. Players typically sprint across the field with the aim of precision, passing and shooting while dodging the defenders. To play your best and protect yourself, you’re going to need a full complement of great gear. If you wear prescription glasses, a quality pair of sports glasses is a must have as well. What to consider when choosing a new pair of lacrosse glasses Frame Fit and Compatibility  Frames: Frames are glasses for lacrosse with traditional temple arms that fold out and sit along the sides of...

You need to ensure you use all the necessary equipment to compete in a sport successfully and safely. Here’s a simple guide for lacrosse players.