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Content Type: Lens and Frames Technology

Playing sports at night is a whole different vibe—it’s exciting but comes with a few hurdles, especially in seeing clearly. Whether you’re kicking it on a brightly lit soccer field, serving up aces in a late-night tennis match, or sprinting around a track lit only by streetlights, having the right glasses makes all the difference. Not only do they help you perform your best, but they also protect your eyes.  The lighting conditions vary with each sport, so you need eyewear that boosts clarity and helps you stay focused. CLEAR LENSES Clear lenses are a fantastic choice for night games,...

Explore the essential role of proper eyewear in indoor sports with Rec Specs. Learn how advanced lens technology and UV protection can enhance safety and performance in sports like basketball and volleyball.

From basketball to baseball, learn why Rec Specs goggle straps are more than just accessories, providing unmatched security and functionality for athletes.

As the holiday season comes to life, we can't help but notice real and virtual Santas decking the halls (and stores) with all sorts of gear, accessories, and apparel that says: "Eat, sleep, ball, repeat,” “Stick with it,” or “I've got 5 fouls and I'm not afraid to use them." Shopping gifts for ballers, soccer players, and other team sport athletes abound during the holidays. For the sports lover in your life, consider a pair of sports goggles—a gift that's sure to be a home run! FRAME A NEW ADDITION FOR MAXIMUM FIELD OF VISION Impact by Rec Specs redefines...

While winter skies might seem less harsh than the bright sun of summer, it's a mistake to underestimate the need for proper eyewear during the colder months. Winter brings its own set of challenges for our eyes, from biting winds to blinding snowstorms. Opting for high-performance eyewear that provides robust protection is crucial to shield your eyes from these elements and ensure they remain safe and healthy.   Braving the Winter Elements PROBLEM: Glare and Impaired Vision During winter, the Northern Hemisphere's tilt and the sun's lower angle can cause intense glare from light reflecting off snow and ice. This...