Prescription Sports Glasses for Soccer

Optics Outfitter provides high-quality prescription sports glasses for soccer that keep you safe from injury, so you can do what you love without worrying. Soccer requires a lot of physical contact, which introduces a degree of risk for your eyes. The impact of a high-velocity soccer ball can cause bleeding and inflammation in the eyes, as well as retinal tearing, which can be especially dangerous for young players. Here at Optics Outfitter, we carry shatter-proof polycarbonate soccer safety glasses that greatly reduce the risk for these injuries.

We offer prescription sports glasses for soccer because we understand that eye injuries on the field are both incredibly common and, through the use of soccer safety glasses, easily avoidable. It’s our mission to prevent as many of these injuries as possible. That’s why Optics Outfitters has made it such a priority to raise awareness to help reduce the total number of these preventable injuries.