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Become a Rec Specs Affiliate


Your ultimate partner in eye protection for sports and adventure!

At Optics Outfitter, we're dedicated to enhancing the lives of those who wear Rec Specs as more than just eyewear – it's a statement, a part of your wardrobe, and a reflection of your active lifestyle. Our top-tier Rec Specs eyewear prioritizes protection, performance, and style, ensuring you're well-equipped for all your high-octane pursuits.

Our Affiliate Program isn't just a partnership; it's your invitation to join the Rec Specs adventure. We understand the unique needs of different sports and outdoor activities, which is why we've crafted eyewear that excels in these demanding environments.

As a part of our affiliate community, you not only get to share your thrilling experiences with Rec Specs eyewear but also earn up to 10% commission for every successful referral or purchase. Whether you're shredding the waves, scoring goals, or scaling mountain peaks, our eyewear is built to elevate your game.

Athletes, adventurers, and explorers alike, we want to hear your stories and insights! Join us in celebrating the Rec Specs lifestyle and unlock the potential to earn while sharing the brand you love. 


We're on the lookout for affiliates who not only understand the importance of performance eyewear but also embody the active and outdoorsy spirit that defines our brand. Here's who we're seeking:

  • College athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • Team coach
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Bloggers
  • Social media influencers 
  • Attractive earnings with high average order values ($250)
  • Earn more as you increase your sales
  • Collaborate with an energetic, dynamic, and active company
  • Benefit from our 90-year heritage of excellence and our unwavering mission to engineer purpose-built eyewear, designed to protect and enhance performance
  • Access a wealth of informative content on our blog and YouTube channel
  • Request custom marketing materials tailored to your needs
  • Enjoy complimentary shipping on all U.S. orders
  • Rest easy with our lifetime guarantee, ensuring the longevity and quality of our products



Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Sign Up (or Login) on our GoAffPro affiliate platform
Joining the Rec Specs Affiliate Program is a breeze. If you're new to our platform, simply sign up for free. If you're already a member, log in to access your account.

2. Access Your Affiliate Tools
We make it easy for you to start promoting. Once you're inside the GoAffPro platform, you'll find user-friendly linking tools right at your fingertips, including exclusive promo codes and unique affiliate links. These tools are designed to streamline your advertising efforts, ensuring that you can hit the ground running and maximize your impact.

3. Earn Up to 10% Commission for Every Successful Purchase
As our affiliate partner, your mission is to share our premium eyewear with your audience. For every successful purchase made through your unique affiliate links or promo codes, you'll earn up to 10% commission. It's that simple!



    Get creative with your content! Whether it's dynamic product reels, captivating live-in-action videos, or stylish close-up shots of you sporting our frames, we encourage you to explore your unique storytelling style. 

    Feel free to think outside the box and surprise us with innovative ways to showcase Rec Specs eyewear. Your authentic and imaginative content is the key to engaging your audience and promoting our brand effectively.


    The Rec Specs Legacy Embraced by Iconic Athletes


    At Rec Specs, we stand on the shoulders of a 90-year legacy of engineering purpose-built eyegear that excels in protection and performance. Our commitment to excellence has earned the trust of iconic athletes from professional leagues who choose Rec Specs as their eyewear of choice.

    Our dedication to providing the best in eye protection and clear vision led us to establish the Rec Specs Lab. It stands as the nation's only lab exclusively devoted to crafting customized prescription lens options. These lenses are meticulously designed to meet the needs of the most demanding patients, ensuring they can enjoy their active lifestyles without compromising on their vision.

    Join us in celebrating our heritage and our unwavering mission to protect and perform. With Rec Specs, you're not just getting eyewear; you're investing in a legacy of excellence that stands the test of time.



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