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USA Water Polo: Rules on Proper Eye Gear

Water polo is a full-contact, physically demanding sport that requires no special equipment—a pool, ball, water polo suits, caps, and goals are just about it. 

The rules of the game take skill and can be complex, but eye protection is the most important addition to any water polo player’s gear. The United States’ governing body for water polo sets standards that dictate exactly what kind of goggles you permitted to wear and based on their playing rules and regulations (USAWP Playing Rule - WP 5.4), articles (ie. face masks and goggles) should be flexible enough and must have no sharp or hard edges to not cause injury or harm to anyone else while in the pool. 

The best way to make sure you're playing by the rules is to get proper documentation from a registered medical practitioner and/or an approval from the referee.

Rec Specs for Water Polo

Vision Correction

Rec Specs have designed a range of goggles for water polo that are customizable for swimmers and sports enthusiasts of all ages who need even the strongest prescription inserts for vision correction. 

It's also a great alternative for those who cannot or choose not to wear contact lenses. On top of that, contacts allow for excessive water absorption which may contain bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens against the eye.

Vision Protection

When you play a sport as aggressive as water polo, you increase your risk of suffering serious eye injuries. This is especially true when being hit in the face by other players or by the ball itself seems like a natural part of the game.

Our Rec Specs line of sports goggles is specifically designed for the contact-oriented play of water polo. They are made from a soft silicone material that is flexible enough to fit comfortably around your eyes, but durable enough to withstand high-impact collisions and protect against concussions. They have a shatterproof design that helps block UV damage and performance-harming glare. They also come with an anti-fog coating that prevents condensation from forming on the surface so you can see clearly no matter how rough things get over and under water.

Helmet Spex

One of our best recommendations for players in this sport is Helmet Spex: it's soft, lightweight, but still durable enough to protect your face from impacts.

This frame has been designed with a strong focus on safety—it's approved by all major governing bodies, and passes ASTM F803 standards for impact resistance and optical clarity. With integrated venting channels for clear vision and a soft rubber end piece for flex and pressure point elimination, these sport goggles keep your eyes protected at all times.

If you’re interested, you may click here to start shopping or talk to one of our Outfitters by clicking the ‘chat’ icon. 

You can also use our easy at-home try-on process to test it out from the comfort of your home. Click here to get started building your kit for FREE. Don’t forget – we also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase!

For more information on USAWP Playing Rules, visit their website at

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