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Why You Need Prescription Basketball Glasses

Basketball is no different from any sport—it requires players to contort their bodies in odd ways and move at a fast pace. When you’re out on the court outmaneuvering your opponent, the last thing you want to worry about is your eyewear. Here are all the reasons why you need prescription basketball glasses.

The Nature of the Game

The very nature of the game of basketball is one that involves fast-paced action and hand-to-hand dueling. Basketball is not for the faint of heart, and even youth leagues have their fair share of friction. When basketball as a sport brings safety and accuracy into the equation, you need to have the right equipment to support players in the heat of battle.

Intensity of Play

People immediately think of high-contact sports like football and hockey when they imagine intense activities. However, the presence of colliding bodies doesn’t dictate a sport’s intensity. Basketball has a fairly high amount of body-to-body contact, all things considered.

Physicality with Opponents

The intensity of basketball play, even with kids, takes many onlookers by surprise. Defenders get up in dribbler’s faces, arms bat at each other, and players push, foul, trip, kick, and slap their way to the finish line. While referees monitor this below-the-belt behavior, the fact of the matter is that basketball players will experience a significant number of combative interactions before the whistle blows.

That’s why a pair of prescription basketball glasses can make a huge difference on the court. When hands fly, so do fingers, especially ones outstretched to steal the ball out from underneath your nose. These can poke, bruise, and bend faces and eyes into a whirling world of pain. Eyeglasses provide a layer of protection between basketballers and their opponents that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Elevate Peak Performance

Anyone who plays basketball knows that your performance on the court translates into smack talk or high praises off it. If you’re always achieving peak performance, your peers and opponents alike will admire you.

Hone On-Court Visibility

Sure, prescription eyeglasses for basketball players will improve safety and reduce harmful injuries. But the true power of corrective lenses lies in their ability to actually correct vision problems. As a visual aid, these glasses serve as the primary filter for your sporting world, keeping the action in high definition.

Imagine strolling onto the court with subpar visual acuity. The ball is a blur, the numbers blend into the jerseys, and the painted lines turn into fuzzy suggestions. Any of these visual issues will result in poor play or even game time penalties. If you want to avoid confusion, then prescription basketball glasses are the way to go.

Boost Visual Definition

Basketball happens in indoor and outdoor courts, depending on the season and accessibility of the arena. Regardless of its varying locale, basketball games usually play out on indoor courts with bright lights and shiny, waxed floors.

When out on the court, the blinding lights and reflective court can quickly turn into your arch enemies. You can sidestep these issues with color-tinted lenses that filter certain wavelengths of visible light. Depending on the tint of the lens, you can drastically improve visual definition and, in turn, your hand-eye coordination.

A Quick Note on Colors

While choosing a prescription glasses lens color is a fun process, there’s a bit of science behind it. To maximize your performance, you should select a tint that fits the basketball scene. Yellow and orange tints are best suited for the basketball arena.

These hues enhance contrast in the low-light scenarios commonly found in indoor sporting venues. Though the court lights are bright and penetrating, they don’t come close to the glare the sun produces outside, so you should have a correcting lens color like yellow or orange.

Opt for Safety

The difficult reality is that regular glasses and contact lenses simply don’t cut it. The rigors of basketball expose players’ eyes and faces to unsafe environments during play. Opt for safety when on the court with prescription sports glasses.

Avoid Broken Glasses

Everyday glasses were never meant to withstand the back-and-forth battling of a basketball game. Avoid bent frames and cracked lenses by using eyewear designed for sports. Regular glasses can get you through plenty of life’s tasks, like schoolwork, reading, and eating. However, they lack the structural integrity needed for high-energy sports play.

Structural Differences

Normal glasses are strong, no doubt, but they’re not strong enough—all it takes is for your face to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and your glasses will break. Also, regular eyeglasses usually don’t conform to your head shape; well-fitting eyeglasses will still have a rectangular hinge with corners protruding from near your eyebrows. This design is unnoticeable when performing normal activities, but its protrusion quickly becomes apparent when brushing against other players and leaning into a throng of jabbing hands and elbows. Sports glasses give you a close fit all the way around your head: no more annoying corners or loose temple pieces.

Additionally, sports glasses and goggles have unique features that reduce the impact of sweat and temperature variances. Normal glasses will stain, streak, and fog quickly with the increased moisture. But manufacturers design sports goggles to handle all kinds of wetness levels, so your eyes stay sweat- and fog-free while in the heat of play.

Add Protection

Contact lenses are a discreet way to change up your eyewear style. While these prescription pieces are helpful in many areas of life and they’re a preferred choice for many, contacts aren’t ideal for basketball play. Amid the fast-paced action, people’s fingers easily jab eyes, and poorly passed balls end up in your face. Contacts provide no protective barrier between fast-moving, blunt force trauma and your eye. Sports glasses and goggles, on the other hand, offer a legitimate layer of defense.

Knowing why you need prescription basketball glasses enables athletes and hobbyists alike to equip themselves for the game. If you’re looking for high-quality youth prescription sports glasses for basketball, check out our expansive selection online at Optics Outfitters today.

Why You Need Prescription Basketball Glasses

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