H-Wall Sweptback

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Matte Black
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Cobalt Blue

The H-Wall Sweptback was named after a black diamond ski run in Tahoe where visibility decreases dramatically in the afternoon when the sun drops behind the mountain. To supersize your view, a quick switch to a contrast-maximizing yellow ski lens will make the run and its deeply carved moguls vividly visible. The H-Wall winter sports sunglasses' face-form chassis and 8-base lenses prevent light leakage. Vented nose pads enhance airflow to minimize lens fogging. Whether you're carving the moguls or running hard on a cross-country trail, the temples of these sports eyewear frames are anatomically shaped and encased in rubber to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Magnetic Interchange Lens System - Switch uses high-energy magnets embedded in the lens and frame to enable users to swap lenses quickly and easily as light conditions and activities change.