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Recoil Lens

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Recoil Lens
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The Recoil shooting glasses were engineered to keep your focus on the target, with precision targeting features you can customize for the perfect shot. Interchangeable lenses allow you to choose your lens based on weather and lighting conditions or for the right target, whether clay shooting or out hunting. Choose the Recoil for high-definition optics for when a split second makes a difference. Available with your prescription.

Size and Fit: 

  • A:66 B:49.9 ED:74.26
  • Larger eye size for active adults

Lens Package: 

  • Industry leading, shatter-resistant lens material provides superior optical quality, clarity, and is lighter than traditional lens materials
  • 100% prescription ready

Lens Tints:

  • Clear: Best used in low light, overcast and rainy conditions and night shooting. Great lens for hunting or target shooting at dusk/dawn/under lights
  • Target Yellow: Best used in low-light or overcast conditions and indoors, providing high color contrast and better definition of your target. LT - 85%
  • Target Rose: Great all-around medium-light lens tint provides great contrast, highlighting orange and defining black targets - LT - 73%
  • Target Orange: Best used in average sunlight or light overcast days, great all-around tint for orange targets to increase contrast. LT - 70%
  • Target Purple: Best used in a wooded area or green backgrounds, as the purple tint will mute the greens and highlight the orange color of the target against the background - LT - 57%
  • Target Vermillion: Best used in a wooded area or green backgrounds, as the purple tint will mute the greens and highlight the orange color of the target against the background - alternative to purple tint for those that are more sensitive to light - LT - 35%
  • Target Bronze: Best all-purpose tint for bright days and general hunting conditions, providing high color contrast and making objects more vivid. LT - 40%
  • Target Grey: Best used in bright sunlight for those that have high light sensitivity (light eye color) - LT - 15%


  • Comes with one (1) set of lenses 
  • Frame and premium custom carrying case not included


Recoil Lens has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.
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