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Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Sunglasses

It's something of a given that those straddling a two-wheeled, gas-powered dream machine with their head exposed to the elements might want to make sure they can maintain their visual connection with the road ahead. 

First, consider what kind of setup you prefer to wear on your head while you're riding.

Helmets can work with motorcycle sunglasses in one of two ways: either you have an open-faced helmet that you use in conjunction with protective sunglasses, or you have a full face-shield helmet, and you use your favorite motorcycle sunglasses underneath.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss what's available.

Frame Features

    • Coverage: Important for blocking out wind, dust, and small particles from irritating and drying out your eyes as you ride. Lateral, or side coverage, is also important in blocking out sunlight from your peripheral vision.

  • Durability & Impact Safety:

    • All Liberty Motorcycle Sunglasses are made with

      • Lightweight and impact resistant TR-90 plastic material.

      • A deep lens groove designed to retain the lenses in the frame, should any impact occur

      • ANSI Z87.1 frames meet or exceed ANSI standards for High Mass and High Velocity impacts, and are certified for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Eyecups v. Side Shields

    • EyecupsRemovable with magnetic technology, Eyecups are easy to replace.

      • Activity Guard: soft closed cell foam screens out wind and mild debris.  

      • Climate Guard: a goggle-like fit for a max seal from debris, wind, water and other elements. Great option for those with dry eye (DE) symptoms                         

    • Side-Shields

      • Extends lateral coverage to fully cover and protect your eye sockets

  • Interchangeable Lenses:

    • Switch lens technology allows you to swap lenses quickly and easily as light conditions or prescription needs change. Use a grey tinted lens to begin your ride, and Switch to a clear or low light rose amber lens in overcast conditions or when you ride home as sunlight fades. 

Lens Technology

  • Impact Resistance:

    • Polycarbonate shatterproof lenses are the gold standard for motorcycle lenses.  

  • Tints

    • Clear:     best for night-time riding and great so you don’t have to change your lenses when going indoors. Check out our tinted options for day-time riding in bright sunlight

    • Grey:     best for bright light conditions and seeing colors as they truly are. Choose these for the best all-around, general purpose lens tint

    • Amber:     best for bright to moderate sunlight and to see more vivid contrasting colors.

    • Rose Amber:     best for moderate to low sunlight, and riding in shadows. Great contrast and depth perception – but will squinting in bright conditions.

  • Light Responsive [Photochromic]

    • A great single lens option for bright light to low light, indoors to outdoors. Light responsive lenses start virtually clear and darken as the light conditions change. Choose an amber or grey lens tint option.

    • Drivewear Option: the photochromic option for those using a windscreen or visor, which will cause your transition lenses to not activate.

  • Polarized

    • Designed to block glare off of road surfaces, headlights, water, and other reflective surfaces. Can have a negative effect on depth perception and distortion when reading digital displays.

    • Does not work well with polycarbonate visors 
  • Coatings

    • Anti-Glare: Great addition to non-polarized lenses to reduce glare from reflective surfaces outdoors and on from your lenses from affecting your vision.  

    • Oleophobic: Incorporated into the Anti-Glare coating,Oleophobic coatings will reduce smudging from dirt, oils, and fingerprints.

    • Anti-Fog: If you’ve been battling fogging issues on the inside of your lenses, this if for you! Best when paired with a well-ventilated frame. NOTE: This coating cannot be applied with an Anti-Glare coating.