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Why Sport Goggles Are Better Than Contact Lenses

Why Sport Goggles Are Better Than Contact Lenses

Contact lenses took the world by storm when they entered the mainstream in the 1960s and ‘70s. Though the wide range of options and technology expanded the array of contacts available, they’re still no match for the traditional eyeglass, especially the specialized sport goggle. Here are the main reasons why sport goggles are better than contact lenses.

They Protect Your Eyes

It’s simple physics—sport goggles that cover and sit against your eye cavity will provide much more protection against physical debris and high-speed contact. Players will come in contact with dirt, debris, and other players. Goggles have the durability and strength to protect your eyes from physical damage.

They Style Your Appearance

Contact lenses give you the raw appearance of your face; sport goggles, however, enable the wearer to cultivate their own style on the field or court. You can coordinate your colors, streamline your athletic fashion, and organize your outfits with stylized sport goggles.

They Reduce Eye-Related Conditions

People have all sorts of problems with their eyes. One of the most prevalent issues is red or dry eye, which contact lenses can exacerbate. Instead of constantly rubbing your eyes in between plays, you should wear sport goggles that don’t steal moisture from your suffering eyeballs.

They’re Economically Preferable

It’s no secret that corrective lenses—contact lenses or framed eyeglasses—have a large price tag. However, sport goggles are much better for your wallet. Sport goggles last longer, and you only need to replace the lenses when prescriptions change—the frame can remain. Say goodbye to torn (and wasted), endlessly disposed contact lenses.

Knowing why sport goggles are better than contact lenses can help you make the best decision for you or your child. If you’re looking to buy prescription sports goggles online, check out our styles and features at Optics Outfitters today.

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