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H2O Sunglasses
H2O Sunglasses

H2O Sunglasses

Unprecedented clarity and precision for active water sports

Try at home before you buy! Try at home before you buy

RecSpecs H2O Sunglasses

Experience unmatched protection and comfort
RecSpecs H2O Sunglasses
RecSpecs H2O Sunglasses

Defy the Elements, Keep Your Gear Close

Defy the Elements, Keep Your Gear Close

Adjustable Floating Cord

Designed to fit snugly around your head and keep your sunglass safe above water.

All H2O frames come tith an adjustable cord.

What Makes H2O by Rec Specs
The Ultimate Watersports Sunglasses

What Makes H2O by Rec Specs<br> The Ultimate Watersports Sunglasses What Makes H2O by Rec Specs<br> The Ultimate Watersports Sunglasses
Hydrophobic and mirror coating on the outside with fast fog recovery inside repel water for clear vision.
Removable water gaskets seal to the contours of the face, protecting from wind and splash
Reduces UVB and UVA radiation by 99% while offering impact resistance for lasting durability.
Flexible temple and wrap provide head-hugging fit for comfort and stability.
What Makes H2O by Rec Specs<br> The Ultimate Watersports Sunglasses

Hear it from our satisfied customers

I love being on the water but my eyes would dry out because of the salt water spray. With the Splash Guard gaskets I can now spend hours out there comfortably!

- Drew, Clearwater
Drew, Clearwater

REC SPECS H20 Sunglasses

  • Trailblazer H2O
    Trailblazer H2O
  • Navigator H2O
    Navigator H2O

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Pick 4 frames
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Buy at any time
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Return your frames
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Liberty Sports

Liberty Sports

Experience the ultimate in water sports eyewear protection with H2O sunglasses by Rec Specs. This remarkable sunglass line offers two exceptional options with Rx-compatible lenses: Navigator H2O and Trailblazer H2O. Both feature a removable water gasket that delivers a protective shield against water ingress while minimizing exposure to impact, splashes, and winds. With their flexible temple construction and 8-base wrap, they ensure a comfortable and secure fit, providing confidence during intense water activities. The hard-coated, polycarbonate lens not only offers 99% reduction in UVB and UVA radiation but also enhances visual clarity.

Navigator H2O
Crystal Blue
Matte Black

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