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Home Try-On


Having Difficulty Selecting a Frame?

Want to ensure your new glasses fit just right? Select 4 frames to test out for 5 days, and we’ll ship them to you—for free!

The Simple 4 Step Guide

1. Pick 4 pairs
Add each frame you’d like to try to your cart using the Home Try-on buttons. After you’ve selected 4 frames, click on "Free Checkout" on the right side of the screen. Be sure to select whether this is for a Youth or Adult!

2. Try them out
Your frames will arrive via UPS within 5 business days. See how the frames fit, obtain a second opinion, show your family and friends. If you need more feedback we're always available to help – 888.268.9888 or

3. Buy at any time
Return to our website, select your favorite frame and proceed with ordering your prescription glasses. Upload your prescription from the product page or email it to us after the fact.

4. Return your frames
Once your 5 days are up, drop your box at any UPS box with the prepaid return label. Done!

NEED HELP? CALL US! 888.268.9888


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What is the Home Try-On program?
Pick out four frames to test out at home with our easy–and free!–Home Try-On program. You’ve got five days to take them for a spin and decide which style and size suits you best, then return the frames and order the pair (or pairs) you like. Shipping is free both ways.

Can you help me pick out a frame?
Finding the right pair of frames can be tricky, but our outfitters are here to help, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m. MT M-F. Email

I thought the Home Try-On program was free - why is it $1.95 for shipping?
The Home Try-On program is free! During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide a valid credit or debit card before completing your order. We require your credit or debit card information for security purposes, but rest assured that the Home Try-On program is a totally free five-day trial. Once your Home Try-On is returned the $1.95 is released.

The only exception: if you do not return your Home Try-On, or if returned frames are damaged, we will need to charge the card on file the full price for each outstanding or damaged frame. If you need an extra day or two, just call us and we’ll work something out.

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Did you know we have a Home Try-On program?

Choose up to 4 pairs of glasses, and we'll ship them to you - free!

Send them back with the included pre-paid shipping label

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