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Product Types

Although the term “Sports Goggles” is used frequently for all Sport Protective Eyewear, this category can be separated into several product types. Each Product Type is as protective as the other and mostly comes down personal preference and comfort in choosing a product type.


Frames: Eyewear that is more of the traditional style of eyeglasses and comes with a frame strap to secure it in place.

  • Recommended for: Those that prefer a traditional eyewear style and fit.

Goggles:              Eyewear with a strap that goes above the ears and around the head.

  • Recommended for: Often the preferred style for those that wear full faced helmets (e.g. ice hockey, men’s lacrosse, baseball/softball catcher)

Interchangeable:             Product that is convertible between Frame and Goggle.

  • Recommended for: Those that play multiple sports and want the versatility of changing from a Frame to a Goggle with one product.