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Helmet Spex XL

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Gunmetal Orange
Matte Black Crimson
Matte Navy Green
Shiny Navy/White
Shiny Crimson/White

Maintain peak vision performance under helmets in Helmet Spex XL. Features venting grooves in eye-rim for increased air flowHelmet Spex XL include a skull cap that must be worn over the goggle and under the helmet to keep the goggle in place.


  • Large/XL [A:58 B:39.7 ED:60.6 DBL:18]

Lens Package:

  • All of our frames include a clear single-vision Rx with anti-fog coating.


  • Helmet Spex has been designed to be the best fitting frame for sports that require a helmet (Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey, and others)
  • Soft rubber endpieces mold to the face and provides additional cushioning at key contact points
  • Adjustable goggle strap contours over the ears for a more comfortable fit
  • Venting grooves in eye-rim for increased airflow
  • New color treatments on the frame fronts fade from a matte to a gloss finish


  • Skull cap is included to wear with helmets


  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F803 impact resistance for several sports.