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Gear up for the holidays with Rec Specs' Switch Interchange, the ideal gift for the adventure enthusiasts in your life. Our groundbreaking Magnetic Interchange Lens System™ sets a new standard in durable, high-performance eyewear. Engineered with robust, high-energy magnets, Switch lenses effortlessly snap into place and remain secure, no matter the intensity of the activity. Tested for resilience, these lenses withstand drops from six feet and endure the jarring impacts of extreme sports like skiing and mountain biking. 

If your holiday shopping list includes active individuals who value practicality and style, Switch's quick-change lens system offers the perfect blend. With options for prescription and non-prescription lenses, Switch is the smart choice for anyone who faces varying outdoor conditions. Surprise your loved ones with the gift of innovation and durability this holiday season with Rec Specs.

: Built for the demands of the road, offering the ultimate in adaptability for drivers and motorcyclists. Its Switch™ technology allows you to seamlessly change lenses to suit varying lighting conditions, ensuring clear and protected vision on every journey. The robust design and wide field of vision make it perfect for long drives or rides, providing comfort and safety in a stylish package.



Arya: ​​A brilliant blend of fashion and uncompromised performance, specifically crafted for women. Its large panoramic 8 base lens profile and patented Switch™ light management technology provide exceptional peripheral views and maximum coverage. Designed to deliver optical excellence in any setting, Arya is ideal for driving and motorcycling, offering superior visual clarity and protection. Its quick lens interchangeability, courtesy of Switch™ technology, ensures adaptability to changing light conditions, making it a standout choice for the road.


Zealot: A high-performance choice for cyclists and runners. Its Switch™ technology allows for quick lens swapping to match changing outdoor conditions, ensuring uninterrupted clarity and focus. The lightweight design and wide field of vision provide optimal comfort and visibility, making Zealot an excellent companion for high-intensity activities.

Avalanche: Engineered for the demanding needs of cycling and running, featuring Switch™ technology for fast and easy lens interchangeability. This capability is crucial for adapting to varying light conditions during long rides or runs. With its snug fit and aerodynamic design, Avalanche offers both performance and protection, making it a top choice for serious athletes.


Lycan: Excels in aquatic environments, offering seamless lens interchangeability with Switch™ technology. This feature is essential for adapting to the reflective and variable light conditions typical in boating and fishing. The frame's comfortable fit and advanced lens options provide both style and functionality, making Lycan a must-have for water enthusiasts.



Pathfinder: Crafted for fishing and boating, where changing light and water glare can be challenging. Equipped with Switch™ technology, it allows anglers and boaters to quickly adjust lens tints for optimal visibility on the water. Its durable design and polarized lenses make it an invaluable tool for any water-based adventure.



So here’s the deal: when it comes to conquering the great outdoors, our Switch Interchange Collection is your ultimate sidekick. Forget about one-size-fits-all; these frames are built for whatever thrill you’re chasing. Switch™ technology means you’re ready for any light, any time. They’re tough, they’re flexible, and they’ve got the looks to match. Whether it’s a gift for your adventure-hungry buddy or a treat for yourself, these specs are your ticket to a clearer, brighter, and bolder world. 

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