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A Buyer’s Guide for Prescription Sports Glasses for Racket Sports

A Buyer’s Guide for Prescription Sports Glasses for Racket Sports

When people think of racket sports, they often think of tennis. Though tennis is one of the most popular forms of racket sports out there, there are still a lot of alternative options available. Pickleball, racquetball, and squash are among the other racket sports where having superior hand-eye-body coordination is a real advantage. 

Sharp, clear vision is essential to the quick reactions and split-second decisions players make with every score. That is why if you’re having trouble seeing the ball, one of the best decisions you can make is investing in a quality pair of racket sports glasses.

Guide to choosing a new pair of racket sports glasses

Impact Resistance

Any sport in which a ball, racquet, or other flying object is present poses a high risk for injury. Squash is played with an object that travels up to 140 miles per hour or faster. With racquetball, the ball can whizz by at 60 to 200 miles per hour. 

Rec Specs frames are designed for maximum comfort and protection. These can be fitted with your prescription, which allows you to play safe without compromising your vision. They fit firmly on the face so you won’t have the fear of them slipping down every time you attempt to swing a racket.

For your little one who’s still developing their motor skills, we recommend leading with Rec Specs and protection.

Sun Protection

Racket sports are often practiced and played outside under the sun. Players stay outdoors for hours on end, which can be potentially challenging to their eyes if the exposure is long and frequent. 

Liberty's Performance Sunwear collection, Switch semi-rim frames, and Switch frames featuring interchangeable lenses reduce the risk of sun damage and can help you maintain your optimal vision.

Lens Technology

Polycarbonate Lenses

Protective eyewear, particularly wraparound frames with polycarbonate lenses, helps sustain the impact of a fast-moving ball or racquet. They are also shatterproof, which is a valuable feature for many racket sports.


The ideal sports lenses improve contrast and maximize depth perception that allow you to see the ball quicker and more easily. It’s best to evaluate your lenses in several lighting conditions depending on the time of the day you play the most.

A clear tint is recommended as it allows the most light. It’s perfect for a cloudy condition outdoors, sunset, and nighttime. For varying light conditions, you may opt for a light transition tint that stays clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darkens automatically when exposed to sunlight. 

Amber and brown tints allow for higher levels of contrast that will help you easily spot the ball. Another consideration is a green tint, which is also a popular option for highlighting the ball against the background.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are great for blocking harmful UV rays and eliminating glare that is caused by reflective surfaces. Although a great option, it may affect depth perception which can throw off your perspective and your ability to strike the ball well.

Top Recommendations for Racket Sports Glasses

We have picked out some of our best options for racket sports glasses that will help protect your game.

Sports Eyewear

Sports Shift: Designed for multi-sport athletes, this frame features an interchangeable temple and goggle attachments in one. 

Helmet Spex: Known to keep goggles in place under a head gear, this frame maintains peak comfort and vision performance.




Maxx Air: Engineered with fast fog recovery to ensure clear vision for maximum performance via its 9-point ventilation system. Available in youth and adult sizes.


Slam Goggle: Geared with premium optical quality polycarbonate lenses, this frame offers comprehensive protection, combining both high performance and durability. Available for teen and adult fitting.



Maxx Series: A crowd favorite! Available in both frame and goggle styles and a variety of colors to match your team. Engineered for protection, style, and confidence to get after it on the court.



H-Wall Series: Geared with high-energy magnets attached in the lens and frame, this eyewear allows players to swap lenses quickly and easily as light conditions and activities change.



Panton: Designed with ultimate Play lenses, this frame does its brilliant job of highlighting the ball against the sky or grass, providing outstanding object illumination.



Arya: Experience fashion, performance, and comfort in one! Arya’s lens technology offers spectacular peripheral views, maximum coverage, protection, and superior visual clarity in any light condition.


Rec Specs offers a range of sunglasses and prescription glasses for racket sports. Whether you’re performing on center court or honing your swing ball skills, you’d always need to keep your eye on the ball. Our Outfitters are here to help in case you’re unsure of what prescription sports glasses to get. Click here to start shopping or chat to our agents from the ‘chat’ icon.

You can also use our easy at-home try-on process to test out racket sports glasses from the comfort of your home. Click here to get started building your kit for FREE. Don’t forget – we also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase!

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