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A Quick Guide to Buying Prescription Lacrosse Goggles

A Quick Guide to Buying Prescription Lacrosse Goggles

Lacrosse is one of the most physical team sports out there. Though you’re definitely tough enough to handle whatever your opponents throw at you—even if they’re throwing elbows—you shouldn’t overestimate your protection from injury.

When you’re out on the field, you need maximum visibility to see where all the players are and find the small white or yellow ball soaring through the air. That’s virtually impossible without picture-perfect vision, which only corrective lenses can give you. Here is a quick guide to buying prescription lacrosse goggles and what they will do for your game.

Start With Size

Lacrosse goggles are an excellent way to improve your vision on the field while keeping the lenses secure around your face. However, it’s not good to have a pair of goggles strapped to your face if they don’t cover and protect your eyes. Well-fitting lax goggles will ensure that the center point of your eye is at the middle of the lens.

If you have any ophthalmological issues like myopia or astigmatism, you need prescription lenses to line up exactly with your cornea and pupil. So start your search for prescription lacrosse goggles with appropriately sized eyewear. Whether you need youth or adult sizes, we’ve got you covered at Optics Outfitters.

Find Tinted Lenses

Believe it or not, the colors on people’s goggles and sunglasses aren’t just about fashion; tinted lenses can make a huge difference in visual acuity, especially in outdoor sporting conditions. When you’re tracking a tiny, fast-moving ball across the white-clouded blue sky and verdant grass, you need a visual advantage. Otherwise, you’ll quickly lose sight of the white lax ball in the bright light.

Brown and dark amber color lenses are perfect for typical lax conditions. These lens tints filter out excess blue light, creating greater contrast. When you have bright light dazzling off multiple strong colors like blue, white, and green, these tinted lenses will give your eyes a break and make visual discernment easier.

Check League Requirements

Depending on your age, you may be in large enough leagues that require certain levels of eye protection. There are dozens of somewhat stringent safety standards in women’s and men’s lacrosse that dictate your protection. Be sure to check and understand the ASTM standards for your league and find lenses that meet those protective protocols.

A quick guide to buying prescription lacrosse goggles can make your life so much easier as you ensure your physical protection. If you have any questions about corrective lenses for lacrosse, reach out to us at Optics Outfitters and find the perfect prescription lacrosse goggles for you.

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