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Aim for Versatility: The Benefits of Recoil's Interchangeable Lenses

In the world of shooting, where precision and adaptability reign supreme, ordinary shooting glasses simply won't cut it. As a shooter, you crave more than just protection for your eyes - you thirst for an edge, a game-changer that amplifies your skills to new heights. 

Recoil's revolutionary shooting glasses boast a feature that will leave you breathless: interchangeable lenses. With the ability to swiftly change lenses to adapt to any environment or lighting condition, Recoil empowers shooters to achieve unparalleled clarity and gain a competitive edge. 

Why choose shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses?

Enhance visibility in different lighting conditions

Recoil's interchangeable lenses allow you to customize your eyewear based on the lighting conditions you encounter during shooting activities. Whether you're shooting in bright sunlight, low-light environments, or foggy conditions, having the ability to switch lenses ensures optimal visibility and clarity.

Adapt to various shooting disciplines

Different shooting disciplines often require different lens tints to maximize performance. With Recoil's interchangeable lenses, you can easily switch between tints to suit specific shooting disciplines such as target shooting, clay pigeon shooting, or hunting. This adaptability ensures that your shooting glasses are tailored to meet the unique demands of each shooting activity.

Cost-effective solution

Investing in Recoil's shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses can save you money in the long run. Instead of purchasing multiple pairs of glasses for different lighting conditions or shooting disciplines, you can simply switch out the lenses on your Recoil frames. This cost-effective solution not only simplifies your eyewear collection but also provides a convenient way to adapt to changing shooting environments without breaking the bank.

Recoil Interchangeable Lenses

Recoil by Rec Specs is meticulously curated by industry experts who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by shooters. It is equipped with an unparalleled interchangeable light management system that guarantees maximum vision performance in any lighting condition or sport.

When it's time to track your target with precision, our interchangeable lenses come to your aid. Swap them effortlessly to adapt to changing environments and stay one step ahead of the game.

Explore your interchangeable options through

Clays Package

The Clays Package is tailor-made for clay shooting enthusiasts. It includes three carefully selected lenses that cover a wide range of lighting conditions. The Target Orange lens is perfect for low-light environments, enhancing visibility during dawn or dusk shooting sessions. The Target Rose lens provides optimal performance in average lighting conditions, while the Target Purple lens delivers unparalleled contrast on bright, sunny days. 

Hunting Package

Designed specifically for hunting enthusiasts, the Hunting Package offers versatility and adaptability in the field. It includes a set of Target Yellow lenses, ideal for first light or hunts close to sunset when visibility is crucial. The package also features a pair of Target Rose lenses, optimized for daytime hunting scenarios involving Pheasant, Quail, or upland game. Finally, the package offers the Target Bronze lens, which enhances contrast against outdoor background colors while providing shade on bright, sunny days. 

Action Package

For shooters engaged in IPDA, USPSA, 3-Gun, or IPSC competitions, the Action Package is the ultimate choice. This comprehensive package offers a selection of lenses to meet the demands of various shooting scenarios. The Target Yellow lens excels in extreme low-light conditions, making it ideal for indoor shooting ranges or shoot houses. The Target Orange lens is perfect for low-light conditions that require additional light transmission and increased target contrast. Lastly, the Target Bronze lens provides excellent contrast enhancement while shading your eyes on bright, sunny days. 




Recoil's lens packages go beyond providing interchangeable lenses; they are a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch eyewear for shooters. The superior optical quality, lightweight materials, and 100% prescription-ready design ensure that your visual performance while shooting is unparalleled. Click here to start shopping or start a live chat with expert Outfitters from the ‘chat’ icon.

Shop risk free with our RecSpecs guarantee. If your Rec Specs frame gets broken or lenses scratched during use, just send them back for a free replacement! And if you want them returned for any reason, we have our 30-day, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose! Shipping is always free.

You can also use our easy at-home try-on process to test out Rec Specs Recoil from the comfort of your home. Click here to get started building your kit for FREE. Don’t forget – we also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase!

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