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Best Soccer Eyewear for Kids of 2024

In the energetic and exciting world of youth soccer, the safety and well-being of our young athletes are paramount. Each game brings with it the risk of injuries from the intense physical play—risks like slide tackles, headers, and corner kicks. These incidents can be daunting, potentially keeping eager players off the field. 

Tailored for young players, Rec Specs Soccer Glasses and Goggles deliver unmatched protection, ensuring that kids can relish the thrill of soccer safely and without any compromises.

Features that Set Rec Specs Glasses and Goggles Apart

Tailored Fit and Comfort

Rec Specs Soccer Glasses and Goggles offer a perfect fit that stays secure during every play. Unlike ordinary or everyday glasses, which can slip and distract during intense activity, Rec Specs are specifically designed for athletes. They provide secure and comfortable wear without the need for frequent adjustments, ensuring focus and comfort throughout the game.

Enhanced Performance and Confidence

Proper eyewear is key to a young athlete’s performance. Rec Specs not only protect your child's eyes but also boost their confidence on the field. Equipped with these glasses, young players feel safer and more confident, encouraging them to engage fully in the game and elevate their play.

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Safety

As more youth soccer leagues mandate the use of protective eyewear, the need for reliable soccer glasses has grown. Rec Specs rise to this challenge by surpassing standard safety requirements, offering superior eye protection that parents and coaches can depend on. This makes Rec Specs a trusted choice in youth soccer circles for safety and quality.




Rec Specs Glasses and Goggles For Soccer
BEST OF 2024



  • Interchangeable temple and goggle attachments gives you two frames in one.
  • End piece cutouts allow for better peripheral vision and venting.
  • New adjustable goggle strap contours over the ears for a more comfortable fit.



  • The first protective sports eyewear to receive the AOA seal of Acceptance!
  • Patented (#6,890,073B) eyerim assembly allows for a wide range of prescription lens power.
  • Unisex shape.
  • Sizing allows for youth and adult fitting.
  • Bridge has soft inside padding for comfort and fit.





  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F803 impact standard
  • Balanced fit for stability in motion
  • Comfortable for long wear + with helmets
  • Maximum airflow to keep focus sharp





Choosing the right soccer eyewear for kids is more than just a matter of compliance with league requirements; it's about ensuring the safety, performance, and enjoyment of young athletes as they pursue their passion for soccer. 

Rec Specs Soccer Glasses and Goggles stand out as the premier choice for parents and coaches who prioritize both protection and comfort. By equipping our young players with Rec Specs, we're not just protecting their vision; we're safeguarding their future both on and off the field. 

Dive into the world of Rec Specs and see the difference for yourself—because in soccer, every moment counts, and every eye matters. Click here to start shopping or chat to our agents from the ‘chat’ icon.

You can also use our easy at-home try on process to test out performance goggles from the comfort of your home. Click here to get started building your kit for FREE. Don’t forget – we also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase!

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