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Eye Protection on the Range: What to Look for When Buying Shooting Glasses


Your eyesight is crucial to your accuracy on the range - after all, you can only shoot what you can see. Unfortunately, eye injuries are all too common and can be detrimental to your vision. With approximately 30,000 firearms-related incidents each year (including paintball sports), and hunting accidents also contributing to eye injuries, it's important to take the necessary precautions to protect your eyes. 

Here's what to look for when buying shooting glasses, and why Rec Spec's Recoil is your perfect choice for optimal eye protection on the range.




When selecting frames, consider both durability and comfort. Look for materials that are rugged and lightweight, ensuring an even distribution of weight for a balanced fit.


  • Temple Tip
    Ensure that the frames come with temple tips that keep them secure and stable on your nose, even during sudden movements.
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge
    Consider frames with adjustable nose pads that allow you to customize the fit of the glasses to your face. This will not only provide added comfort, but also ensure that the glasses stay securely in place as you move and aim. 
  • Flex Hinges
    Frames with flex hinges ensure a comfortable and secure fit as you keep your target in sight. The hinges allow the frame to flex and bend to conform to your head's shape and prevent the glasses from slipping down.


Always opt for an industry-leading, shatter-resistant lens material. This ensures superior optical quality and clarity while also providing a lightweight feel that won't weigh you down during long days on the range or in the field.

The 2x2 ProCoat lens technology boosts shooting glasses performance with its top-notch anti-fog and anti-glare features. It keeps your vision clear in various conditions, eliminating glare and fog, and helping you stay focused and accurate. This game-changing lens coating ensures better visibility and confidence for every shooter.

Additionally, shooting lenses should be 100% prescription ready, allowing you to customize your glasses to your unique vision needs. This is particularly important for those who require corrective lenses, as it allows you to maintain optimal visual acuity while still benefiting from the eye protection that shooting glasses provide.


Keep in mind the varying light conditions you may encounter while on the range or in the woods. One option to address this is to choose lenses with tints that enhance contrast and depth perception in specific environments.


Rec Specs Recoil is engineered to keep your focus on your target. Its high-quality materials, advanced technology, and customizable options ensure that you can improve your accuracy on the range or in the field, as well as protect your eyes from potential hazards. 

Next time you're gearing up for your next shooting adventure, keep these in mind and consider Rec Specs Recoil for your ultimate shooting eyewear needs.










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