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One Lens Tint Does Not Fit All: Shooting Glasses for Different Disciplines

Shooting is an exciting and diverse activity that includes many different disciplines, ranging from skeet and sporting clays to competitive training. As a seasoned shooter, you know that having the right equipment is essential for optimal performance and safety. One of the most critical pieces of equipment for shooting is a pair of shooting glasses.

Shooting glasses not only protect your eyes from potential hazards such as debris and sunlight, but they can also enhance your visual clarity, accuracy, and reaction time, giving you a competitive edge. Experienced shooters understand that shooting glasses are a must-have accessory that can make all the difference in their split-second decision making.

However, not all shooting glasses are created equal, and different shooting disciplines require different types of shooting glasses. Recoil by Rec Specs recognizes this and offers a range of lens tints tailored to the needs of different shooting disciplines.



Sporting clays simulate real hunting scenarios, and lighting conditions can vary dramatically, from bright sunshine to dark shadows. Shooting glasses with versatile lens tints that can adapt to changing lighting conditions are necessary to maintain optimal visual clarity and contrast. Recoil by Rec Specs recommends using Target Orange for low light, Target Rose for average light, and Target Purple lenses for ultimate contrast on bright sunny days. These lens tints allow for easy tracking of the clay target against the sky and enhance contrast between the target and background.



Hunting requires shooting glasses with a lens tint that provides enhanced contrast and visibility when hunting different game species. Recoil by Rec Specs recommends using Target Yellow lenses for first light or hunts close to sunset, Target Rose lenses for daytime Pheasant, Quail, or any upland game hunting, and Target Bronze lenses designed to increase contrast of prey against outdoor background colors.



Competitive shooting, such as IPDA, USPSA, 3-Gun, and IPSC, requires the shooter to be able to quickly assess and respond to different situations in varying lighting conditions. For this discipline, shooting glasses with a comprehensive selection of lens tints are recommended, such as Recoil by Rec Specs' Action Shooting Sports Package. This package includes a set of Target Yellow lenses for low light conditions, a pair of Target Orange lenses for additional light transmission and increased target contrast, and a Target Bronze lens for bright, sunny days.







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