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A Buyer’s Guide for Prescription Sports Glasses for Football

Football is a fast-paced game that requires physical strength, mental focus, and agility. In order for players to get into the right positions for scoring and avoid getting hurt during tackles, they need to be able to see clearly. This can be difficult if their vision isn't up to par with their body's abilities. The field is 100 yards long, and players are constantly running around trying to score points and avoid getting tackled by other players who are trying to do the same thing.

If you wear prescription glasses, it's important to make sure that they provide adequate comfort and protection. Your everyday prescription glasses won't do the job for a few reasons:

  1. They don’t fit well under the helmet and create pressure points
  2. They get pushed out of place every time you put your helmet on
  3. They are too fragile and flimsy for football players

    What to consider when choosing a new pair of Football Sports Glasses and Goggles

    Frame Fit

    Goggles: Goggles for football are highly recommended as they are made for the rigors of a hard-hitting game. Each comes with a headband strap that goes around the head to secure it to your face. This means that it won't slip off during play, even if you're running full speed down the field or tackling someone in the backfield. They also allow any additional gear to sit more comfortably against the head (eg. helmets or masks).

    Frames: Play to the best of your ability without having to worry about your glasses getting knocked askew or falling off. Rec Specs frames made for football are designed with flexible temple arms that bend under pressure, so you can put them on or take them off without hassle. They are made from high-quality materials so they stay in place—even if they're hit by an opponent's helmet. 

    All our frames fit under helmets, but we suggest testing these via Home Try-on to make sure it doesn’t create pinch or pressure point spots underneath your full helmet. 

    Interchangeable: One more way to help you perform optimally on the field is through Sport Shift–our interchangeable Frame to Goggle style. It's perfect for multisport athletes who prefer one style over another for different positions they play, or for anyone who just likes the versatility of being able to switch between two styles without having to change frames.

    Gear Compatibility

    A balance between your vision needs and game performance on the field can be achieved if your helmet and goggles have a good fit.

    Rec Specs glasses and goggles allow you to use helmets comfortably and without any hassle. They are designed to fit snugly in the helmet without any movement, which allows you to keep your focus on the game.

    Lens Technology

    Impact Protection

    The intensity of football as a sport means that your prescription goggles and glasses need to remain intact and resist-breaking. A shatterproof, polycarbonate lens should always be worn during games and practices to withstand the risk of any impact especially of falls and tackles.


    Football requires lens color and tint that is suitable for providing the best eye care and comfort possible. It’s best to evaluate your lenses that match your conditions. You need to consider factors such as your position on the field, how you run, and the weather conditions of your game.

    Clear football tints are great at reducing annoying glare and filtering UV and blue light. They also help prevent eye fatigue by providing your eyes with much-needed protection against harmful rays.

    Light responsive lenses are the best option for athletes playing in a variety of light conditions. This type of lens is commonly worn by athletes at all levels, as they automatically darken when exposed to UV light—resulting in optimal vision regardless of lighting conditions.

    For your colored options, grey reduces light intensity without altering the color. This makes it excellent for people who need glasses for both distance and near vision but want to preserve their natural color vision as much as possible. Amber tints enhance contrast in low light or overcast conditions and protect against blue light emissions. It's a good all-around choice if you live in an area with changeable weather patterns.


    As the weather cools and the leaves start to turn, you're going to want to make sure your goggles are up to the task of keeping you from fogging up.

    Our 2x2 Pro Coat features dual coating, double-sided AR and fog block brought about by high-intensity movement, your body heating up, and just simply being on field. It also makes your glasses resistant and repellent from scratches, reflections, dirt, water and smudges, resulting in a comfortable, clear and safe visual experience when out on the field.

    Top Recommendations for Football Glasses & Goggles

    Football players are always looking for the next advantage. Whether you are a quarterback, defensive back, kicker, or other game-changer on your team, it is absolutely critical to see clearly on the football field. We have picked out some of our best options that will help protect your game.


    Helmet Spex The name says it all! This frame, which is our top pick for any helmet sport, lets you achieve peak comfort and vision performance while keeping your goggles firmly in place.

    You can also check out Maxx Series for a variety of style options or RS-51 if for a low-bridge fit.


    Sports Shift Designed for multi-sport athletes, this frame features an interchangeable temple and goggle attachment in one. 


    NEW! IMPACT Meets the ASTM F803 impact standards for sports and has a large wrap with a floating lens design for maximum field of vision and increased air flow. 100% Rx-able. Available in youth and adult sizes.

    If you’re looking for the largest available eye size for peak vision performance, check out Challenger.


    The football field is no place for mistakes. You always need to spot your teammates, see what the defense is doing, and keep track of the ball at all times. That's why prescription sports glasses for football are so important. Our Outfitters are here to help if you're unsure of what prescription sports glasses or goggles to get. Click here to start shopping or chat to our agents from the ‘chat’ icon.

    You can also use our easy at-home try on process to test out football glasses and goggles from the comfort of your home. Click here to get started building your kit for FREE. Don’t forget – we also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase!

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