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Best Eyeglasses for Spring Sports

Spring is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy all the sports this season has to offer. Whether your child is a seasoned athlete or just looking to stay active, having a well-fitting, durable pair of youth eyeglasses can make a huge difference for their visual acuity, performance, and protection. They can keep their eyes protected from stray fingers, elbows, or sports balls and keep their vision clear and focus on the game.

To help your child make the most of the season, we've gathered the best youth Rec Specs eyeglasses for spring sports so that they can perform safely and at the top of their sport.

Soccer is one of those sports where it feels like the action is non-stop, so typical kid's glasses won't keep up during this high-motion sport. A good fit that stays securely in place is essential, as you don't want to worry about them slipping down or falling off during critical moments like diving for the ball.

Slam Goggle The real slam! This frame offers comprehensive protection combining both performance and durability. Plus with the goggle strap, this is an ideal choice to stay in place as you run down the field. Available in youth and teen sizes. 


Sports Shift Designed for multi-sport athletes, this frame features an interchangeable temple and goggle attachment in one. There’s no need for you to choose! 

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When your child plays baseball, their eyes are on the line. Standard glasses can be fragile, and they lack the necessary protection for the eyes during a game. We recommend youth prescription baseball glasses for players of all skill levels. Featuring high-impact material, these frames and goggles are built to withstand impact during sports and are available in a variety of prescription lenses and tints.

Helmet Spex The name says it all! This frame, which is our top pick for any helmet sport, lets you achieve peak comfort and vision performance while keeping your goggles firmly in place. With contour straps for comfort and soft flexible end pieces, this goggle is built to perform on the field.

Maxx Air Engineered with fast fog recovery to ensure clear vision for maximum vision performance via its 9-point ventilation system. Available with your prescription, this frame gives you next gen tech to keep your focus on the ball.

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When your child plays racket sports, it's crucial to make sure that their prescription glasses are built to handle the physical demands of the game. For top performance on the court, eyewear needs to stay securely in place and not fall off, while also making sure your vision is clear for tracking the ball on the court.

All Pro: Being a young pro is within reach! This frame offers certified protection and features a patented eye rim assembly and 6-base lens curve allows for a wide range of Rx lens powers.

Maxx Series: A crowd favorite! Available in both frame and goggle styles and a variety of colors to match your child’s team. Engineered for protection, style, and confidence to get after it on the field.

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Choosing the right pair of youth glasses for spring sports is a crucial decision for both parents and children. Having the right pair of eyewear is vital to vision protection and performance for the high-impact nature of these sports.

Our team of expert outfitters is here to help select the right pair of Rec Specs for your child's sports. Click here to start shopping or chat to our agents from the ‘chat’ icon.

You can also use our easy at-home try-on process to test out sports glasses from the comfort of your home. Click here to get started building your kit for FREE. Don’t forget – we also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase!

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